Chateau de Bourdeilles


The earliest origins of Chateau de Bourdeilles date back as far as the 12th century and, today, the chateau is listed

as a Historical Monument and a Major Site of Aquitaine, tracing back eight centuries of history.  Situated to

the north-west of Périgueux, it dominates the Dronne River from a rocky outcrop.

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Immerse yourself in the history of Bourdeilles Castle! Discover a very rich collection of furniture in the Renaissance castle and let yourself be seduced by a walk in the gardens to the medieval castle!

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Come live a unique experience in France thanks to the first virtual Virtual Escape Game! Located in one of the rooms of the castle and equipped with a helmet of virtual reality, you will be transported during three pivotal times relative to the past of the castle!

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Visit Chateau de Bourdeilles and step straight into eight centuries of history…   

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